Work Experience

Google Summer of Code 2022

I have been selected to contribute to develope a sensor module at the Center for Research in Open Source Software (CROSS), University of California, Santa Cruz under GSoC'22. Here, I am working on Open Source Autonomous Vehicle Controller (OSAVC) project under my mentors. LiDAR and Camera could be considered the most important senses of autonomous vehicles. The camera can help to create a 2D map of the surroundings and LiDAR can help to make sense of depth and how far other objects are from the vehicle. This project implemented driver modules to establish reliable communication between a microcontroller and sensors/actuators. My job role is to develop driver modules for LiDAR, Servo Motor and Encoder.

Github repository of OSAVC Project: OSAVC
My contribution to the repository: dev_sensor_driver
Detailed documentation of the development of the project: Documentation
A video of working module: Video

Visit here to get more information regarding project.


I joined Accenture right after completing my bachelor's. At Accenture, I was working as an Artificial Intelligence Developer. During our training as freshers, the company divided new joiners into groups, and we had activities and competitions. I was the captain of my team, and I learned valuable leadership skills through this training. I participated in the Eco-Innovation Challenge, where I gave a very innovative idea. I have been heavily involved in the development of Artificial Intelligence based applications. In various projects in a company, I worked on OpenCV, cloud platform, NLP technologies. I designed an application that takes a document as an input and gives information from a document in key-value pairs. I used Image processing and NLP concepts to implement this. I won the FY21 Q4 CIO Inspire Award for this work. I also cleared the Google Cloud certification exam under one of the programs of Accenture.

Delta Control System

I did one internship during summer vacation for two months, from 10/05/2019 to 10/07/2019. I did this internship at Delta Control System as an Embedded System Intern. I was a part of the team that was designing and developing a microcontroller-based manual and automatic door lift control system. Our primary microcontroller was the AT89S52 (8051 family). Here, my task was to design a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) for the AT89S52 microcontroller (8051 Family) and other peripheral Integrated Circuits (ICs). I have also added a Watchdog timer to increase the robustness of the software loops. Furthermore, I was responsible for writing code to add some of the newly designed features, such as Auto Attend, Emergency Landing and Fire Safety. In this internship, I got to learn the end-to-end life cycle of embedded system development. After completing an internship, I continued this project further. I tried to connect a lift system with the internet using the GSM module. This module sends statistical data about the lift operation and its health. Another team created a mobile app and a web app to visualize this data.


I was a member of a technical club at my university named "Drishti." I did POV Clock and Braille Printer projects at this club. During my tenure with this club, I learned about teamwork, leadership, division of project work, and how working collaboratively can make anything possible. I also coordinated the organization of many events. I also helped juniors to quickly start their learning by helping them to build a "Line Follower". I also gave a presentation and a speech on the development journey of the Braille Printer.